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Elite Medical Oklahoma Staffing Team

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We can’t wait to introduce you to our Oklahoma Staffing Team! Although this team is a bit smaller than the Centralized Staffing Team in Florida that you met last month, they are just as amazing. We asked our team members a few questions to get to know them a bit better and they were excited to answer.

Jessica has been working with Elite Medical Staffing since 2013, and she loves that her team is like her family. Whether they are in or out of the office, they are always there for one another and work well as a team. We asked Jessica what her favorite thing is about winter and she answered without hesitation, “Nothing!” She can’t wait to get back to the warm summer weather and spend her free time at the lake. As we’re starting the New Year, Jessica’s care-free attitude influences her choice to not set New Year’s resolutions – but she’s still sure to take on the next year head-on!

Shasta has been with the Oklahoma Staffing Team for three years now and her favorite thing about her job is her team. She loves working with her coworkers and it feels like they are one, big family. Just like Jessica, Shasta isn’t a big fan of the winter. Shasta didn’t take part in setting New Year’s resolutions this year either.

Serena has been with the Oklahoma Staffing Team for a while now – over seven years! She loves her Oklahoma team and is happy to work with such exceptional people. Unlike Shasta and Jessica, Serena’s favorite part of the winter season is the snow. One thing all three ladies have in common is that none of them are taking part in New Year’s resolutions. They’re confident that they can take the new year by storm and continue to improve, regardless of planning resolutions.

Although they may be a smaller team, they love how they work together and consider one another family. Each of them has worked at Elite Medical Staffing for a long time and is happy to have such fantastic coworkers. We are glad you got to see a glimpse of why our Oklahoma Staffing Team isn’t measured by its size, but by its greatness!

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