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Elite Medical Staffing - Detroit Team

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Last time you were able to meet the wonderful staff behind our Florida team. This time around, we want to introduce you to our hard-working staff located in Detroit. We asked them to share a bit about themselves and where their perfect vacation would be to give you a chance to get to know this equally fantastic team.

Arianna has been with Elite for a little over a year, and she loves the support that everyone on the team is so willing to give. When work is tough, "teammates who have your back make everything better!" Her dream vacation would be visiting Hawaii, taking surfing lessons, and soaking in the sun on different beaches or hiking.

Lauren enjoys the positive work environment at Elite and how everyone works well together. After being on the team for 2.5 years, she appreciates how rewarding it is to help clients with their needs. A getaway to beautiful Italy is what's in her cards when she has vacation time.

Hannah is our most recent addition, clocking in at the 3-month mark. She's enjoyed coming into work since the entire team is so helpful and supportive. Taking an exciting safari trip in South Africa would be her ideal holiday.

Sydney arrived at Elite in November 2020. Having a work environment where everyone works together has made her job much easier and more fun. She would love to visit Greece and see both the historical aspects of the country and the new.

Andria also joined the team in November 2020. She admires the dedication that everyone has for helping people and is amazed at how hard each department works to expedite the placement of clinicians. Andria would embrace a chance to explore Europe and see the places from where her grandparents migrated.

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