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National Dress Up Your Pet Day With Elite Medical Staffing

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In our previous blog posts, we have introduced you to the exceptional team members that make up Elite Medical Staffing. You have gotten to know our tight-knit family and learned how we work together as a team. As much as we love our team members, we are excited to take the opportunity to show you our furry family members for National Dress Up Your Pet Day! These furry friends are near and dear to us and we couldn’t pass up this chance to showcase our four-legged friends. Take a look at our furry companions and you’ll see why we had to show them off!

The Grinch may have stole Christmas, but this crabby cat stole our hearts! She may not love her Christmas tree outfit, but she is a star in our books. As the Grinch once said, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from the store, maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.” Although this kitty wasn’t too pleased to dress up for Christmas, she warmed all of our hearts and filled us with laughter.

For National Dress Up Your Pet Day, we are twinning! We had to take this opportunity to dress her up as our fellow healthcare allies. She is officially a part of the Elite Medical Staffing team now!

Pretty in pink!

You are what you eat! This four-legged friend is repping his favorite food: pizza. And on this National Dress Up Your Pet Day, he stole a pizza our hearts.

“Quit crabbin’ around!” Although he may look a bit “crabby” in this picture, he got a tasty treat for all her hard work.

These furry friends are too cool to handle!

Although these cuddly canines look like they have resting frowns on their faces, they couldn’t have been happier! Whether one is ready to strut their stuff and the other is ready for birthday cake, they both thoroughly enjoyed National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Some of our furry companions have dressed up like crabs, but this one is the real deal. We couldn’t find a costume for this crab, but he is wearing his finest shell!

Whether these pups are lounging around or dressing to impress, they couldn’t get any cuter! Today, they take on National Dress Up Your Pet Day. Tomorrow, they take on New York’s top runways.

We all know that this sweet pooch is trying to look its absolute scariest, but we couldn’t be more in love! You can’t cover up the cuteness, even with that Jurassic mask.

This good boy takes the cake! Happy birthday to this four-legged companion and we wish him many more.

This pup may not be dressed up head to paw, but we can’t deny his complete cuteness!

At Elite Medical Staffing, we take every opportunity available to come together as a family, and that includes each member of our families. National Dress Up Your Pet Day was a great way to introduce the pets that bring us smiles and allow them to do that for others. We hope you have enjoyed the chance to get to know each of our furry friends and crabby companions. We are excited to continue expressing the fun we all share at Elite Medical Staffing!

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