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On Demand Staffing Solutions for your Nursing Facility

Elite Medical Staffing’s platform enables acute healthcare facilities to optimize staffing levels and augment their workforce through smart matching of nursing professionals and local facilities.

• Access clinician pools for on-demand fulfillment of jobs

• Determine the date range, times, and number of clinicians needed

• Distribute notifications to qualified clinicians

• Know which clinicians have expressed interest or accepted offers in real time

• Keep track of who is scheduled on a per-shift basis with a daily or weekly view

• View GeoFence punch ins for accurate reporting

• Transparency into key metrics that drive business

Request a Demo

We will reach out to schedule a consultation and technology demo, including a Q&A on staffing and other quality programs with an Elite Medical Staffing expert.

Simplify Your Staffing

With our web portal, the scheduling process has been streamlined so you can post open shifts and know which clinicians have expressed interest or accepted offers in real time.


Jane S.

I like the flexibility of making my own schedule; plus, the weekly pay is a major bonus as it makes it much easier to save money!  Although I cannot speak to other agencies, I really love the scheduling app!  It makes it so much easier, unlike the “old days” when you had to constantly call the office to see what was available.

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