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We are big enough to offer great benefits and exclusive employment opportunities to top facilities, but small enough to feel like a family.


About Elite Medical Staffing

We have been dedicated to healthcare staffing for over 25 years and some of our employees have been with us since the beginning. We are dedicated to our nurses and allied staff and provide them with the best we can give.


We are committed to our clients and provide dedicated, experienced and fully credentialed per diem and travel nurses and allied staff so they can continue to provide the best care for the patients we all serve.


If there is a better way to accomplish a goal – we will find it. Providing the services you need to keep your facility operating efficiently and your patients well cared for. Giving providers the support they need to develop their skills and career.


Elite Medical Staffing is committed to continuous improvement – we always find a better way to get it done.


We are big enough to offer great benefits and get providers to top facilities not otherwise accessible, but small enough to be like a family.

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