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Better Together

Matching exceptional medical professionals with leading healthcare providers nationwide.


Dedicated to Our Staff. Committed to Our Clients.

Staffing Only the Elite.

Elite Medical Staffing is dedicated to matching our staff of healthcare professionals to healthcare providers looking to fill positions within their medical facility. A majority of our clients specialize in skilled nursing/post acute care with the rest being a mix of hospital and home health. 


Check out our Elite Medical Staffing app!

Both our clients and clinicians love using our Elite Medical Staffing app for their per diem scheduling needs!

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Sign Up

Download the app and sign up as a worker to have immediate access to work in your area!

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Career Autonomy

The app offers career independence to clinicians, allowing you to request shifts, manage timesheets, and connect with your coordinator, all in one place.


Scheduling Freedom

As a client you have immediate access to workers in your area as soon as you need them.  Sign up as a facility to start requesting staff and filling in your schedule with Elite clinicians!

Reporting Transparency

You don't have to wait for your monthly invoice to see how your schedule is performing!  In the app, clients can approve time and attendance in real time and instantly see an estimated spend to stay on budget.

Download Elite Medical Staffing NOW on your Android or Apple device!


Medical Professionals

Are you a medical professional looking for work? 

With Elite Medical Staffing, you can easily find opportunities near you.

Build the career you deserve! 

Search Jobs


Medical Facilities

Are you a medical facility looking for staff?

Elite Medical Staffing’s platform enables you to find fully vetted professionals who are ready to pick up shifts at your facility immediately! 



Ella B.

I love working for Elite because of the communication and it is so easy to get along with the staff. They also keep you working! Elite is the best company I have worked for since I started working in Texas and the pay is great.

Kahdijia W.

I love working for Elite Medical Staffing because I feel comfortable communicating with my supervisors.  They are very understanding, respectful, and they make sure that I have full time hours being that I am a single mother.  The staff is great, and they are all respectful – Elite is the best!

Diana H.

Compassion is what makes Elite different. A lot of other agencies look at employees as numbers. Elite truly cares about us.  I also like the consistency that Elite offers. Most agencies will schedule you and cancel most of your shifts. I have yet to experience that with Elite.

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