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Getting to Know Us – The Florida Team

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

While you might already know that Elite Medical Staffing excels at matching medical professionals with healthcare providers all over the country, we want to give you a sneak peek behind the curtain to let you know you're in good hands. We’ve taken the time to ask them some fun questions to help our clients to learn more about and recognize the warm-hearted, beach-loving people that comprise our staff. Although you’ll find everyone is unique, each of our members works well together to draw on others’ strengths as we continue growing within the Florida region and taking on more challenges. So without further ado, please read on for an introduction to the internal line-up of our fantastic team!

Our newest addition is Sofia, who joined us just over a month ago. Although relatively new, she's already picking up the culture of Elite. Being a new employee is always intimidating, so Elite's team happily goes the extra mile to be accommodating and approachable for any situation. Sofia admires the work we do every day and hopes to be an excellent asset to the team by reaching their level soon. She says California living would be wonderful - she's enamored with their tall mountains, hiking trails, and national parks. California is also home to a large Latinx population, and she's sure she can find an excellent beach for reminiscing about her grandpa while having a bowl of pistachio ice cream.

Braedhan joined Elite in December 2020, and she's happy that every workday, she gets to sit next to the best manager ever - Sydney! Braedhan dreams of living on the tropical shores of Hawaii, indulging in Culver's vanilla custard with a generous helping of fresh raspberries.

Sydney has been with Elite Medical Staffing for a little over a year. She's most excited about being able to watch our company grow both internally and externally as we continue to succeed and surmount new challenges. While Sydney is content with her current home, she would love to have a beach house for vacations, enjoying the latest dairy-free ice cream flavors under the sun.

Alexis has been a part of Elite's team for two and a half years already. She loves that everyone she works with is ready and willing to be a team player and always strives to do better. A true Floridian, she would enjoy living by the beach and cooling down with classic chocolate ice cream.

Remy has been with Elite Medical Staffing since February 2021. One of her favorite aspects of the staff is how well they work collectively as a team to grow the company together. Remy is a fan of crystal blue waters and would love to live by any beach with those qualities. A lover of multiple dessert types, she can easily take down a pint of Ben & Jerry's Half Baked if you leave her alone with it.

We hope you enjoyed getting to "meet" our ice-cream-loving team - our dedication shines through in all that we do, and we look forward to working with you!

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