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Unlocking Financial Freedom: Elite Medical Staffing Partners with Rain for Early Wage Access

At Elite Medical Staffing, we understand that financial challenges can arise unexpectedly, and waiting for your regular payday may not always be a feasible solution. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with Rain, a revolutionary financial wellness benefit that allows our employees to access their earned wages before their scheduled payday. In this blog post, we'll explore the details of Rain, how it works, and the numerous benefits it offers to our valued workforce.

Our commitment to the well-being of our employees goes beyond the workplace. With Rain, we're providing a flexible and employee-friendly solution to financial challenges, ensuring our team has access to the funds they've earned when they need them most – without the burden of high interest rate payday loans or overdraft fees. We encourage all our employees to explore the benefits of Rain and take control of their financial well-being. We know that daily pay is all the rage and with Rain, you can conveniently access funds from your worked shifts on a daily basis, offering you financial control and flexibility.


Below we have the answers to your frequently asked questions. You can also connect with us to learn more about Rain and its benefits! 


When will Rain be available to Elite Medical Staffing employees? 

Starting Wednesday, January 31st, 2024, Rain will be accessible to all Elite Medical Staffing employees.


Who is "Rain" and what service do they provide? 

Rain is a financial wellness benefit offered by Elite Medical Staffing. Through the Rain app, employees can access their earned wages before their regularly scheduled payday.


How does Rain work? 

Through the Rain App, employees can request to receive up to 50% of their earned wages before their scheduled payday. This amount is deducted from the employee’s next paycheck, making it a seamless process. Importantly, this pay advance is not considered a loan, and no interest is assessed.


Is Rain a loan? 

No, Rain is not a loan. There are no fees, except for a small advancement fee of $3.99 for instant transfers. No interest is charged, and the money advanced is the employee's hard-earned wages.


Where do earned wages come from?

Elite Medical Staffing signed up for Rain to allow employees to access wages from the Rain app. Earned wage information comes directly from Elite Medical Staffing, and employees will see their earned wages in the Rain app within 24 hours of completing a shift.


Why has Elite Medical Staffing partnered with Rain? 

In situations where immediate funds are needed between paychecks, Rain provides a crucial alternative to high-interest payday loans and excessive overdraft fees.


How does Rain transfer pay advance funds to employees, and what is the cost? 

Rain offers two options for fund transfer: ACH transfer to any bank account (1-3 business days) is free, while an instant transfer to an external debit card incurs a $3.99 fee per transfer. This fee is adjusted from the next paycheck, not at the time of transfer.


Who is eligible to participate in Rain?

Rain is available to all contingent Elite Medical Staffing employees. Please note that employees on leave of absence will become eligible for Rain upon returning to active status.


Is the amount eligible for a pay advance ("eligible pay") calculated the same way for hourly and salaried employees? 

Yes, cash balances in the app are always calculated based on the employee’s hourly wage rate.


How soon after an (hourly) employee’s shift will Rain be notified of the employee’s punches? 

Rain receives employee punch data multiple times per day, and the Rain app will reflect a balance of pay that can be advanced. Wages will be reflected in the Rain app within 24 hours of the employee’s shift ending.


If payroll deductions and tax withholdings exceed the total amount advanced, what happens? 

In this scenario, the employee’s net pay with Elite Medical Staffing would be zero for that pay date, and the employee will be placed into an "arrears" status with Rain. Rain will flag the account as “paused” to protect employees from receiving a $0 paycheck.


How will the Rain advance appear on an employee’s pay stub? 

The total amount transferred during each pay period will be shown as a separate line-item deduction with the code “RAI”.


How do I get started with Rain?

To get started with Rain, download the free "Rain Instant Pay" App from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Create an account and select "Elite Medical Staffing" as your employer. Use the email address and phone number that matches your payroll profile with Elite Medical Staffing.


How to update your contact information with Elite Medical Staffing to power my Rain app?

Log in to your ADP WorkforceNow account to update your contact information. Make sure to inform your Staffing Coordinator of any changes to ensure you don’t miss any important announcements.


Are Elite Medical Staffing employees required to participate in Rain? 

No, Rain is a voluntary optional benefit. If you do not wish to participate, no action is needed.


How does an employee cancel their enrollment in Rain if they decide to no longer participate? 

You can end your enrollment in Rain by either removing the link to your debit card and/or banking information and deleting the app from your phone, or by contacting Rain directly and requesting deletion of your account and personal information.



We're thrilled to introduce the option for early access to your wages here at Elite Medical Staffing, and we hope you share in our enthusiasm! Should you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out and connect with us. You are our priority!

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