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Elite Medical Staffing Appearing at a Convention Near You!

Throughout the year, we’ve been busy traveling all over the country attending various conferences & conventions in order to meet with our partners and other leaders within the long-term care industry. Hearing perspectives of our services from both the clinician and client side at these shows has helped us keep up with this ever-evolving field. With events occurring on a regular basis once again, it’s been awesome to get back out to meet and speak with everyone!

Just these past few weeks, we attended Leading Age Florida & Florida Senior Living’s annual conferences for the first time and had a terrific experience. Our Florida Market Manager Sydney attended both and had nothing but positive things to say about each show. “Leading Age was very organized and well put together, and the Fun Night was a blast! We’re already counting down the days until next year! The executive board for Florida Senior Living was extremely welcoming, and you could tell that they really wanted everyone to enjoy ourselves”.

The bottom line of our field is helping people, and it’s an amazing time to see so many parts of our field come together to meet and discuss how we can continue to best help each other. Every attendee and vendor at these shows all share this common ground and having the opportunity to meet with everyone has been some of our most valued experiences. In this digital age, it could be difficult to make and develop meaningful connections with one another, which is why we’re so grateful for the opportunity to attend conferences like these.

As the summer rolls on into the fall, we’ll be attending even more events across the country to meet everyone, form connections and showcase how our services truly live up to its “Elite” name! You can check us out on LinkedIn to see if we’re visiting your area, we’d love to see you!

Photo Credit: Dan Milham

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