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Empowering Your Team With Elite Medical Staffing

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

At Elite Medical Staffing, we are proud to be a vendor and employer of choice by matching

exceptional medical professionals with leading healthcare providers in 22 states! As we

continue to grow, we remain as wholeheartedly dedicated to this mission as we have for the last 25+ years. We aim to provide the very best in care, with a simple promise: we will always find a way to get it done.

For our medical professionals, Elite provides exciting and ideal job openings nationwide: across 22 states and through 11 disciplines and specialties. Clinicians can simply click on any state on our website’s interactive map to browse open jobs or take it a step further with our advanced search functionality. We make it easy to find and apply for ideal jobs, and are proud to play a continued role in connecting healthcare professionals! 

We’ve also created something to make staffing and scheduling seamless. We have re

engineered the way we approach scheduling, by launching our own mobile app and client

portal. In our continued commitment to finding a better way to get it done, our mobile app comes equipped with client access to a web portal: something that has quickly become a necessity amongst our medical facilities. 

The Elite Medical Web Portal allows ample opportunity to access clinician pools for on-demand fulfillment of jobs, add an open shift directly into our client portal, distribute in-app notifications to qualified clinicians, and know which clinicians have expressed interest or accepted offers in real-time, and that’s just the beginning. 

Medical facilities are now empowered to gain visibility into open shifts and easily keep track of who is scheduled on a per-shift basis with a daily or weekly view. Reporting and time verification has never been easier: verify times clocked in and out with a simple click. Beyond that, the dashboard provides transparency into key metrics that drive business, with options to completely customize your view based on specific needs. Finally, the portal syncs with our

mobile app, allowing facilities to expertly and effortlessly streamline their scheduling and staffing efforts. 

Let us make the process of medical staffing and scheduling seamless with our game-changing portal and mobile app. Our commitment is to provide the very best staff, and we are confident that these tools can truly help you hire only the elite.

Ready to learn more?  Schedule a free training session for our Elite Medical Web Portal for your team today: 

If you’re all set to get started, you can request an employee here:

We look forward to serving you!

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