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Nurses Week? How About Nurses Month!

American Nurses Association & Elite Medical Staffing Logo with Nurse Month Theme

National Nurses Week starts tomorrow! The annual celebration started as just a single day of recognition back in 1982 before it was expanded to a full week in 1991. This year though, we’re joining the American Nurses Association in celebrating nurses the whole month! With the theme of “You Make a Difference”, we want to honor the positive impact nurses have on everyone’s lives. For Nurses Month, there’s a different focus for each week of May and the first is dedicated to self-care. Nursing is a challenging profession so it’s incredibly important to make sure you prioritize taking care of yourself! Click Here for a list of different self-care resources provided by the American Nurses Association, ranging from webinars, top tips, and other tools to make improving yourself as easy as possible. The following week will focus on recognition and elevating the stories of nurses across the world in varying situations, from past to present. The third week will focus on professional development and the different resources available to further your career in the field. Click Here to get discounts for certifications, free exam prep, and much more! The final week’s focus will be on community engagement. This week is about people, not just nurses, speaking up and bringing attention and focus from community leaders to many of the issues the nursing profession Is facing. Things like addressing racism throughout the profession and how we could all work together to correct this issue, ending the rising number of cases of abuse within the workplace for nurses, and making sure nurses are getting the support they require for all the hard work and love they provide for patients all year long. Click Here to learn more about these issues, and see how anyone can help support the nursing profession! Nursing is one of the most important professions throughout the world. From taking care of the elderly to tending the sick, they’re the backbone of our healthcare system and deserve to be celebrated! Here at Elite, we work tirelessly to ensure our team of nurses are getting the support they deserve, and making sure the process of finding work is as simple as possible. We’re grateful for all the hard work and care our clinicians provide year-round and hope you all have a wonderful month. Reach out if you’d like to learn more about how to join our team, we’d love to speak with you!

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