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Unlock Extra Income with Our Employee Referral Program

Updated: 6 days ago

At Elite Medical Staffing, we believe that the best employees come from the recommendations of our current team. That's why we're excited to introduce our Employee Referral Program, an opportunity for you to not only bring exceptional talent to our workforce but also earn up to $250 in referral bonuses.

Referral Bonus Breakdown We value your commitment to enhancing our team, and we want to reward you accordingly. Here's a breakdown of the referral bonus structure:

Total potential bonus for a Nurse: $250

  • If the referred Nurse works the 1st shift: $50

  • If the referred Nurse completes 40 hours of work: $100

  • If the referred Nurse completes 80 hours of work: $100

Total potential bonus for a Nurse Aid: $100

  • If the referred Nurse Aid works the 1st shift: $25

  • If the referred Nurse Aid completes 40 hours of work: $25

  • If the referred Nurse Aid completes 80 hours of work: $50

Program Guidelines To ensure fairness and clarity, we have established some guidelines for our Employee Referral Program:

  1. Former Elite Medical Staffing employees are not eligible candidates for referral. We're focused on bringing fresh talent to our team.

  2. When referring a candidate, you, as the employee making the referral, agree to have your name associated with the introduction. Your support in this process is invaluable.

  3. In cases where a candidate is referred by multiple employees, the first employee to refer that candidate will be eligible for the referral bonus. It's our way of recognizing the initial effort.

  4. Rest assured, all candidates will undergo a thorough evaluation before any employment offers are extended. This is to maintain our high standards and ensure the best fit for both the candidate and our organization.

  5. All referred candidates are expected to adhere to Elite Medical Staffing's policies and procedures, just like any other team member. Consistency and professionalism are key.

Joining our Employee Referral Program is a win-win situation. You bring in talented individuals who share our values, and you get rewarded for your contribution to our growth. Whether it's a fellow LPN/LVN seeking new opportunities or someone you know outside our organization, your referrals can make a significant impact.

At Elite Medical Staffing, we value your dedication and your potential to bring exceptional colleagues on board. Don't miss out on the chance to bolster our team and earn extra income in the process. Together, we can continue to provide outstanding healthcare services while expanding our close-knit community.

Join the Employee Referral Program today and help shape the future of Elite Medical Staffing! Click HERE to make your first referral!

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