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Case Study - Large Engagement

Updated: Mar 7

Multi-state Regional Operator Needed a True Strategic Partner


An operator of 30+ nursing homes selected Elite as its preferred vendor early in 2023. Said client acquired 10 new buildings and needed urgent staffing support to ensure a smooth transition as they integrated the buildings. For this task, we worked with the CEO and regional leaders to develop a staffing system with protocols companywide to ensure the specific needs of each building were addressed.


The Elite Solution:

A protocol was developed to target the following issues:

  • Elite established best practices for scheduling inclusive of a timeline to book out their schedule in advance instead of last-minute reactive staffing.

  • Elite helped to create consistency for internal staff, giving them more structure and motivation to provide their work availability in a timely manner.

  • Streamlined staffing processes through better internal staff utilization and the integration of agency where needed.

  • Tech enabled processes supported by a dedicated coordinator created greater efficiency.

  • Elite’s relationship and understanding assisted in finding staff that align well with the culture at each facility.

  • Elite addressed the need for 150+FTE’s initially and seamlessly delivered consistent staffing across the system.


The Elite Outcome:

Thanks to the comprehensive system implemented by Elite over a span of 6 months, all facilities saw reduced reliance on agency staff. These favorable outcomes were also aided by Elite’s flexible buyout terms, which allowed our client to engage quality clinicians on a trial basis to insure proper fit. Three of the facilities are agency free without stressing internal staff with unsustainable overtime.


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