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Case Study - Louisiana 108 Bed Facility

Updated: Mar 7

108 Bed Facility in Louisiana Needed to Streamline Staffing and Improve Communication


A 108-bed client facility in Louisiana aimed to streamline communication and reduce agency inefficiencies. Elite met with the client to understand their challenges on a weekly basis. Their primary objective was to reduce agency expenses, but they needed to first recruit staff for the facility.


The Elite Solution:

Elite’s account manager dedicated time to training the client in using the scheduling platform and gathered a list of clinician availability for facility access. The client required 2-3 aides for 8-hour shifts and 1-2 nurses for 12-hour shifts each day. Recognizing the urgency and significance of the situation, the account manager promptly initiated the vetting process to identify a pool of qualified clinicians tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Once we identified suitable staff, we integrated both the client and the clinicians into Elite’s scheduling platform to establish the schedule. Prior to their access to the scheduling platform, there were several daily text exchanges.


The Elite Outcome:

After both the clients and clinicians gained access to the scheduling platform, the potential for human error significantly decreased. We now had a clear overview of who was scheduled and when, allowing us to promptly identify any unmet needs and take action to find qualified staff for facility coverage. By hiring reliable staff members who seamlessly integrated into their teams and collectively worker 540 hours, the client successfully cut their agency usage in half. Elite consistently delivered a highly skilled and dependable team of nurses monthly, ensuring smooth operations within the unit.

These nurses seamlessly integrated with the client’s internal staff, providing overlapping coverage as the client made their own hires, gradually reducing the agency’s FTEs. Ultimately, the client transitioned to PRN staff and fully supported the unit with internal staff while aggressively increasing their patient census. Elite remains the facility’s provider of choice whenever the need arises.


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