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Case Study - New Unit Staffing Support

Updated: Mar 7

179 Bed Facility Needs Help Staffing a New Unit


A 179-bed facility in the Midwest approached Elite about supplemental staffing for bed expansion. The client was not successful in finding staff on their own. Elite sat down with the client to understand their goals and specific timeline. The stated goal was to staff up temporarily to re-open a unit and increase patient census.


The Elite Solution:

Upon receiving the client’s request to staff up the unit for re-opening within a two-week timeframe, Elite’s Client Account Manager immediately took action. Recognizing the urgency and importance of the situation, the Account Manager promptly began the process of vetting a pool of qualified clinicians who met the client’s specific needs.


The Elite Outcome:

Elite has successfully provided a highly skilled and reliable team of nurses to the client on a monthly basis. These nurses have seamlessly integrated with the client’s internal staff, ensuring smooth operations within the unit. Elite’s flexible staffing solution allowed the client to gradually reduce their reliance on agency full-time employees (FTEs) by providing overlapping coverage during the transition period. As the client made their own hires, Elite adjusted their staffing accordingly, ultimately allowing the client to rely solely on their internal staff. Despite reducing agency FTEs, the client was still able to meet their staffing needs and aggressively increase their patient census. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Elite’s services in supporting the client’s growth and operational goals.

The client has been highly satisfied with Elite’s performance and continues to choose them as a preferred provider when the need for additional nursing staff arises. Elite delivered a strong pool of qualified nurses on a monthly schedule who operated seamlessly with the client’s internal staff. Elite provided overlapping coverage to the client as they made their own hires and were able to slowly reduce the agency FTEs. Finally, the client was able to cut back to PRN and fully support the unit with internal staff, while being able to aggressively add census. Elite continues to be a provider of choice for this facility when the need arises.


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